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Clipper Blade Sharpening

Please Note: There is no order form. Simply follow the SHIPPING & PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS below.

We use The VICSCO clipper blade machine featuring an 18″ aluminum double-sided disk and variable speed drive. This large disk size (many are only 14″) and variable speed enable a wide variety of clipper blades to be sharpened quickly and with great accuracy. The larger disk also allows blades to be sharpened repeatedly before wear becomes a factor.

2-3 Day turnaround

Regular Blades $3.50 (Oster, Wahl, Laube, etc.)
Larger Blades $5.50 (Stewart, Lister, etc.)
Scissors $4.00
Sorry, we do not do Sheep Blades

An extra $1.00 per blade set will be charged for those requiring rust treatment before sharpening. This entails wire brushing, soaking in rust remover, cleaning up, and wire brushing again before honing. Blades needing this process often must be honed several times to get through pitting for a clean cutting surface.

We reserve the right to refuse blades that are too badly rusted or have too many broken teeth for safe use.

Your blades are disassembled, cleaned, and hollow ground to factory specifications. Springs, guides, and sockets are adjusted or replaced (if necessary) for only the cost of the part. Blades are then lubricated and reassembled to precise tolerances of tension and alignment. Each blade is checked in our shop for proper functioning before it is returned to you.


Be certain to leave your A-5 Detachable type blades intact (do not send just the upper and lower blades) as we adjust the sockets and springs and test the blades to be sure they are cutting well before mailing them back to you. You do not need to send the clipper itself. Also, protect the teeth during shipping by wrapping the blades in small bubble wrap, foam, or heavy paper towels.

After your blades are sharpened we will bill you at your email address through PayPal. You may use any of the credit card choices even if you do not have a PayPal account. If you do not have an email address, PayPal account or credit card you may mail a money order PAYABLE TO: GWYNNE SHAW. We will return your blades upon receipt of the money order.

SHIPPING CHARGE WILL BE CALCULATED IN ACCORDANCE WITH US PRIORITY MAIL POSTAL RATES (Indicate if you would prefer Parcel Post for savings on shipping costs.) Insurance will not be added unless you instruct us to do so. Costs for such insurance will be included in shipping cost on your invoice.

Ship to:

Clipper Blade Sharpening

13226 Mikes Blvd.

Caldwell, ID 83607